‘Superblocks add to green space’ – The Jakarta Post

August 16, 2008,AEST

Public parks within superblocks run by private developers can alleviate the lack of green public space and help urban revitalization, an expert said Friday. “The city administration needs to revitalize the city but doesn’t have the cash. So permitting private | Read More

Creating an environment to foil crimes

August 14, 2008,AEST

THE harmonisation of landscaping and the enhancing of street lighting are two essential aspects in environmental design that the Selangor state government can implement to help curb crime in residential areas, according to a Chinese association in Klang. Read more | Read More

Sasaki and Olympic Green – LA TIMES

August 4, 2008,AEST

Christopher Hawthorne wrote an interesting article about the Olympic Architecture and was interesting to read about his conversation with Sasaki about the Beijng Olympic Green as follows: “I was put through to Dennis Pieprz, the president of the firm, who | Read More

Sustainable urban development a necessity

July 14, 2008,AEST

Sustainable development of an urban area or territory depends heavily on its development plan. As in other countries, Viet Nam is working on establishing an urban structure plan for a period of 20-25 years which is divided into several stages. | Read More

New parks in the capital

July 13, 2008,AEST

The Phnom Penh Post reports that the new and improved parks are providing Phnom Penh residents some much-needed respite from the squeeze of the capital city’s increasingly cramped quarters. The Wat Botom, Hun Sen, Vimean Ekreach and Wat Phnom parks | Read More

Property outlook robust – The Standard

July 2, 2008,AEST

Hong Kong’s home prices and rents are expected to continue rising in the second half despite higher mortgage rates and other external factors. Ricacorp Properties said yesterday that as of last Friday, there were 64,342 deals in the housing market | Read More

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