The hills of the future – BBC News

May 14, 2008,AEST

Major construction projects produce hundreds of tons of rubble and spoil, but is there an environmentally-friendly alternative to landfill? Four hills which have sprung up on the outskirts of London provide the answer. For years large quantities of it ended | Read More

City-state a role model for the world

May 12, 2008,AEST

The most recent topic of global interest is Singapore’s breakthrough on the technology to produce reasonably cheap desalinated and recycled water, which meets some 25% its needs and sharply reduces the dependency on imports. DESPITE a growing disenchantment at home, | Read More

Can the Middle East ever be green?

May 11, 2008,AEST

When you talk green in the Dubai, it’s can be assumed you mean golf courses. Conservation and ecotourism are not common parlance in the United Arab Emirates. In four days at the Arabian Travel Market this week, I heard a | Read More

Hungry Mile wasteland warning

April 17, 2008,AEST

THE man advising New York on how to revamp its public spaces has slammed the NSW Government’s plan for the former Hungry Mile site, warning it will become “fearsome at night” and a “wasteland” on weekends and public holidays. The | Read More

Brings a new meaning to the concept of ‘Green Roof’

April 10, 2008,AEST

Sod is not the only green substance growing on King’s Court English College House’s recently-installed green roof. A King’s Court resident was arrested yesterday after maintenance staff discovered he was growing marijuana on the college house’s roof, which was completed | Read More

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