Unsustainable Seattle – Crosscut Seattle

June 10, 2008,AEST

When you consider the carbon footprint of new construction, this city promotes growth and development policies that are wasteful, destructive, and myopic. Greens and historic preservationists need to find common cause in creating a truly sustainable urban landscape. SOURCE: Crosscut | Read More

The battle of the skyscrapers – Salon News

June 10, 2008,AEST

For an entire century, New York was the city of skyscrapers, the epitome of the vertical city. It just kept growing into the sky, faster and faster. It was an exhilarating adventure in stone, steel and glass — and seemingly | Read More

Talking green: A guide to eco-English

June 9, 2008,AEST

Denise Ryan of the Times Colonist (Canada) has written a great article on the language, lexicon, jargon of Eco-English. Terms that we use in day to day life as professionals and educators but often we forget what they actually mean. | Read More

Green revolution: Air is what’s bothering Indians

June 6, 2008,AEST

Most Indians ranked environment pollution as their second worst problem in a list of six and believe that air, water and noise pollution will get worse, says a first-of-its-kind survey conducted by CNN-IBN and Outlook magazine. The survey, in partnership | Read More

Urban Farmer II – Vancouver Sun

June 4, 2008,AEST

Neophyte farmer Nicholas Read is spending the summer learning how to grow food. With the help of City Farm Boy Ward Teulon, who runs a network of 14 backyard vegetable farms in Vancouver, he hopes to learn to tell the | Read More

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