Target Center roof going green

June 20, 2008,AEST

Another major “green roof” project is set to move forward atop a high-profile building in downtown Minneapolis. City officials are putting together construction documents for a green roof over Target Center, even as the city – with help from a | Read More

Making San Francisco into a people-oriented city

June 17, 2008,AEST

Tim Holt of San Francisco Chronicle interviews urban planning guru, Jan Gehl about San Francisco and create urban spaces and a more pedestrain city(Ed– Maybe hard with those hills) and open air shopping. Read more @ the SOURCE: – | Read More

Ecotowns: for and against – Times Online

June 16, 2008,AEST

The Times has published an insightful article about the ‘eco-towns’ proposed by the UK Government Ten new clean, green ‘eco-towns’ will be built by 2020. And pigs might fly, say critics. They argue that the government is bulldozing through a | Read More

New green materials testing lab for Dubai – Xpress

June 15, 2008,AEST

Dubai Municipality has established a new laboratory for testing green materials. The new initiative will be used for assessing the characteristics of these materials as per the international approved standard specifications, said Eng. Hawa Abdullah Bastaki, Director of Dubai Central | Read More

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