Singapore’s First Water Week Sees Deals Worth Over $270M U.S.

July 2, 2008,AEDT

Governments, utilities providers and water companies signed 27 agreements totalling more than SGD367 million (USD270 million) during the first Singapore International Water Week, which drew to a close last Friday. In addition, a water fund was launched to attract SGD435 million (USD320 million) in investments in Asian water projects. SOURCE: | Read More

Landscape Architects to get new Design Hub building at RMIT

July 1, 2008,AEDT

The Age newspaper has reported that  Architect and RMIT alumnus Sean Godsell unveiled his plan for the Design Hub to BusinessDay yesterday, an innovative, landmark building for the city that has a “second skin” enveloping an eight-level tower. The building will be on the corner of Swanston and Victoria streets, | Read More

Today’s suburbs, tomorrow’s slums? –

July 1, 2008,AEDT

According to some doomsday scenarios, spiking gas prices could turn the cul-de-sacs and two-car garages that surround North America’s cities – built over the past 60 years and designed for the convenience of people with cars – into tomorrow’s slums. The predictions for the most part come from subscribers to | Read More

A mastermind of green design – China Daily

July 1, 2008,AEDT

This site in Sandao, Hainan province, has been recreated in the virtual online world of Second Life where the public will design an “Eco-friendly Community” that will later be built on the actual site. When David Greenberg stumbled across a cluster of tree houses while trekking the jungles of Maui, | Read More

Envisioning a world of $200-a-barrel oil – Los Angeles Times

June 29, 2008,AEDT

“Throughout our history, we have grown on the assumption that energy costs would be low,” said Michael Woo, a former Los Angeles city councilman and a current member of the city Planning Commission. “Now that those assumptions are shifting, it changes assumptions about housing, cars and how cities grow.” Push | Read More

‘A tidal wave of humanity’ – World Cities Summit – Singapore

June 25, 2008,AEDT

Providing jobs and services for the 1,1-billion people expected to move to Asia’s cities over the next 20 years is a task of a magnitude “never before attempted by humanity,” Asian Development Board (ADB) President Haruhiko Kuroda warned on Wednesday. Asian cities are growing by more than 100 000 people | Read More

NYC Gets a Green Roof Kickstart –

June 25, 2008,AEDT

New York City building owners who install vegetation on at least half of their rooftop space may receive up to $100,000 in a one-time property tax credit. Bill A.11226 passed the state legislature Tuesday, paving the way for building owners to be compensated about $4.50 per square foot of green | Read More

Permeable hardscapes let the water soak in

June 21, 2008,AEDT

San Franciso Chronicle has published a practical artile on permeable pavement – sort of a Sustainable Landscape Design 101 Does your driveway look like a patchwork quilt, with raised and sunken surfaces; chipped, off-color mortar stuffed into jagged cracks; and a generation’s worth of oil, paint and mold stains? Has | Read More

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