The Best U.S. Cities, by Design

June 26, 2008,AEDT

The Best U.S. Cities, by DesignArchitectural firm RMJM Hillier weighed sustainability, awards, and both expert and residents’ opinions in its list of top 10 U.S. cities for designSee the BUSINESS WEEK SLIDESHOW OF top 10 US DESIGN cities SOURCE: Business Week – The Best U.S. Cities, by Design.

Northern Ireland News – Causeway Architect’s Plan Has ‘Strong Environmental’ Basis

June 26, 2008,AEDT

Causeway Architect’s Plan Has ‘Strong Environmental’ BasisThe National Trust’s preferred architect, for a proposed Giants Causeway visitor centre, will incorporate a “strong environmental basis” in its design. The designer, Dublin-based Heneghan Peng, has taken the next step forward in building its plans, after submitting a “robust” planning application to the | Read More

‘A tidal wave of humanity’ – World Cities Summit – Singapore

June 25, 2008,AEDT

Providing jobs and services for the 1,1-billion people expected to move to Asia’s cities over the next 20 years is a task of a magnitude “never before attempted by humanity,” Asian Development Board (ADB) President Haruhiko Kuroda warned on Wednesday. Asian cities are growing by more than 100 000 people | Read More

NYC Gets a Green Roof Kickstart –

June 25, 2008,AEDT

New York City building owners who install vegetation on at least half of their rooftop space may receive up to $100,000 in a one-time property tax credit. Bill A.11226 passed the state legislature Tuesday, paving the way for building owners to be compensated about $4.50 per square foot of green | Read More

Biofuels threaten food security and environment

June 24, 2008,AEDT

Biofuels threaten food security and environment Less than two years ago few people knew about biofuels. Today, Indonesians are struggling to cope with the escalating costs of daily essentials, like rice, as the amount of agricultural land being used to produce this new source of energy increases. A combination of | Read More

Something from Nothing – Sasaki Feaure in The Boston Globe

June 23, 2008,AEDT

Why would a company want employees diving into its trash bins? Because at Sasaki Associates, one of the country’s hottest landscape and urban-design firms that’s shaping the Olympic village in Beijing, life is all about salvaging good from bad. FOREST PARK IS A LARGE GREEN space on the northern fringes | Read More

NYC artist builds Lego model of Trump Dubai tower —

June 23, 2008,AEDT

New York City artist has built a replica of the soon-to-open Trump Dubai hotel tower out of thousands of Lego pieces. Nathan Sawaya’s 10-foot version of the distinctive five-star hotel is expected to be unveiled Monday in Columbus Circle. SOURCE: – NYC artist builds Lego model of Trump Dubai tower

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