Foster + Partners join peak oil and energy security taskforce

October 29, 2008,AEDT

Foster + Partners is one of eight leading companies launching a report today warning of the grave risks posed by a 2013 peak in oil production. The Oil Crunch: Securing the UK’s Energy Future is published by the newly-formed UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security, and is | Read More

Dubai launches initiative to harness solar energy

October 29, 2008,AEDT

As part of its efforts to reduce pollution and create alternative sources of energy to meet growing demand, the city of Dubai has launched a major initiative to harness solar energy. SOURCE: The Hindu News Update Service.

Architecture can focus on L.A.’s shared spaces – Los Angeles Times

October 26, 2008,AEDT

Christopher Hawthorne of L.A. Times looks at “Amid a period in which bolder has meant bigger, the economic slowdown could help push architects to imagine, identify and define new paths.” Looking at the current financial crisis and how architecture could benefit in the long term. SOURCE: Los Angeles Times – | Read More

“Environment Hong Kong 2008” published – $1billion for fund

October 25, 2008,AEDT

The Hong Kong Envrionment Protection Department published the “Environment Hong Kong 2008” report. Key initiatives in the report include:– Cleaner Production Partnership Programme launched in connection with Pearl River Delta factories. – An injection of $1 billion into the Environment and Conservation Fund to enhance community participation in environment and | Read More

Building urban India – Columnist –

October 23, 2008,AEDT

India’s cities face many challenges, and one looms larger than the rest: How much will it cost to build our urban infrastructure? read more @ the SOURCE: – Building urban India – Columnist –

Lab report examines new ideas for parks, public landscapes – ASU News

October 23, 2008,AEDT

Flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, you become powerfully aware of a suburban landscape dominated by housing subdivisions, by single-family houses with large yards and private pools. You will also see, interspersed throughout the vast expanse of residential tracts, a scattering of public parks and preserves. But what role do | Read More

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