Urban gardens are changing the landscape of food

August 5, 2009,AEST

Rocky Mount Telegram reports The most idealistic of advocates envision cities and towns that burst with food, be it from skyscraper roofs, apartment balconies, back alleys or repurposed plastic tubs. In this world, people plan their meals around what’s in | Read More

Thirty one million Dutch Center for Biodiversity

August 3, 2009,AEST

The Ministry of Education suggests 30 million euros from the natural gas available for an initiative of the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University and Wageningen University together with Naturalis a center for biodiversity to form. With the money is a | Read More

Urban water ecology at the ESA annual meeting

August 3, 2009,AEST

The Ecological Society of America (ESA) are holding their annual meeting in Albuquerque Convention Center: The researchers will present their results in the following sessions at the Albuquerque Convention Center: Luis Fernando Chaves: Urban Ecosystems Poster Session, Thurs., Aug. 6, | Read More

Tree protection measure requires flexibility

August 3, 2009,AEST

Just read Chris Grygiel of Seattlepi.com blog post about the new tree measure in Seattle that could grant developers exemption for retaining trees if the trees preclude or prohibit the development of the site. This new tree protection measure seems | Read More

Argentine Rodent Devastating US Wetlands

August 3, 2009,AEST

Nutria is a rodent – Image Source – Flickr: blmurch VOANews.com reports Billions of dollars are spent every year in the United States in an attempt to control invasive species. Plants and animals brought legally and illegally into the country, | Read More

Damage control – Haaretz

July 30, 2009,AEST

Haaretz reports The planners behind the recently opened section of Road 6 did their best to reduce the highway’s impact on the environment but admit that ‘irreversible damage’ was done The planning concept included a comprehensive approach to landscape, out | Read More

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