Stantec to conduct landmark ecological study

August 12, 2009,AEDT

Environmental Expert reports Environmental consulting and engineering firm Stantec has announced its plans to launch a significant pilot study focused on evaluating bat and bird movements off the coast of Maine. The project, the first phase of which will run from late July through October this year, will collect data | Read More

In the News – August 11

August 12, 2009,AEDT

Builders poised to win £1bn masterplan deal [Echo News] Portland’s Bike Master Plan update readies for the spotlight [] Downtown doesn’t need detailed master plan [Online Athens, USA] Downtown park a step closer [Springfield News-Sun] Architecture panel stalls on City Hall revamp proposal [ -Palm Springs, CA] Public consultation sessions | Read More

AEC World Expo Videos – Inspiration for your weekend

August 9, 2009,AEDT

Surfing through the net today and I found this post from Archinect about videos from AEC World Expo Online Conference. 21 videos (about 45 minutes each) from the various professionals. in their fields such as Wil Alsop, Alejandro Zaera Polo, Frank Gehry, Ben Van Berkel, Fred Dust and many others. | Read More

LEED Call for ideas due August 7

August 6, 2009,AEDT

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)invites the public to participate in a LEED Call for Ideas. This call is meant to provide a way for new ideas to be brought forward to help inform improvement to the LEED rating system. USGBC is looking for input on improving existing technical criteria, | Read More

Urban beekeeping the new buzz?

August 6, 2009,AEDT

IMAGE SOURCE: Flickr – Jordan BBC NEWS reports Disease, mites and fungal infections may be destroying our native colonies, but a plot has been hatched to restock their numbers on Britain’s urban rooftops and gardens. Omlet, the firm which fuelled interest in urban chicken-rearing with its modern plastic Eglu coop, | Read More

Urban gardens are changing the landscape of food

August 5, 2009,AEDT

Rocky Mount Telegram reports The most idealistic of advocates envision cities and towns that burst with food, be it from skyscraper roofs, apartment balconies, back alleys or repurposed plastic tubs. In this world, people plan their meals around what’s in season, relegating supermarket trips to coffee, wheat and other staples | Read More

Local Stone banned by Council for being reflective

August 5, 2009,AEDT

Reported today by 3 News New Zealand that the Otago District Council is banning Oamaru Stone as a building material as it is too bright and reflective. One has to wonder if the local council has heard of sustainable design? To ban a locally sourced product that has reflective and | Read More

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