Blow for wind farm proposals

February 16, 2008,AEST

PLANS for a controversial wind farm near Pontefract have been slammed by a Wakefield Council consultant.The news has come as a massive boost to local pressure groups fighting a dogged campaign to see off the plans by developers Banks Developments. | Read More

Managing Traffic in the Urban Age

January 31, 2008,AEST

The human species is, at this moment, in the process of becoming a mainly urban animal after a thousand generations spent mainly in rural conditions. Many economists and sociologists see this trend as our potential salvation in a world heading | Read More

Cities join WWF to cut carbon use

January 30, 2008,AEST

Shanghai and Baoding have become the first cities to take part in a new WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) initiative to research less carbon-intensive paths to urban development in China, the international environmental organization said. The Low Carbon City | Read More

Big green ideas for the workplace

January 29, 2008,AEST

Last summer I had a vision of life in a world post-climate change catastrophe. It was around midday on July 20. I was sitting on the 5th floor of an office building in London when the sky suddenly and dramatically | Read More

Not everything wild gets on well in cities

January 28, 2008,AEST

Environmental activists, scientists and green organizations, first and foremost the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), have over the past few years been making an effort to protect the remaining natural assets in urban areas. Apparently there | Read More

A climate of change

January 27, 2008,AEST

You’ve just installed energy- saving lightbulbs, only to hear that if one of them breaks you might have to evacuate the room to avoid toxic mercury. You’ve been sponsoring a patch of rainforest but now reports say the jungle is | Read More

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