“Asia-Pacific Gateway for Climate Change” – UN ESCAP

April 23, 2008,AEST

Countries from Asia and the Pacific, both developed and developing, are gathering in Bangkok to share experiences on “co-benefits approach to climate change” – win-win actions which cut greenhouse gas emissions while alleviating poverty. The meeting today (23 April) is | Read More

EU heads for climate and trade talks with China

April 22, 2008,AEST

The European Commission’s biggest-ever delegation to China heads for Beijing this week, hoping to progress from words to action on China’s soaring greenhouse gas emissions and its tense trade ties with Europe.European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso will have to | Read More

Urban forest grows in Soweto

April 15, 2008,AEST

The target is to plant 200 000 trees in dry and dusty Soweto by the end of the year. Already well on the way, City Parks has a number of tree-planting projects on the go. WITH thousands more trees being | Read More

BWTC spins turbines for the first time

April 14, 2008,AEST

The Atkins designed Bahrain World Trade Center (BWTC) made history last week as the turbines on this pioneering project turned together for the first time. The three 29m-diameter turbine blades on Bahrain’s iconic landmark are the first in the world | Read More

Playing with different spaces

April 7, 2008,AEST

An abandoned municipal area, alongside a neglected backyard in Bat Yam, has been turned into a blossoming garden over the past three weeks, serving dozens of the city’s residents: pensioners, new immigrants, solitary people and families. “We decided to do | Read More

Urban agriculture exploding in Vancouver

April 6, 2008,AEST

As our cities grew and our housing settlements changed, we began to separate the places where we live from the places where food is grown. The average North American food item now travels 1,500 kilometres to reach the grocery store | Read More

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