Urban Planning Expert to head Australian Major Cities Unit

Ms Dorte Ekelund – a person with more than 25 years of urban planning experience – will head up the new Major Cities Unit within the Office of Infrastructure Australia.

As head of the Major Cities Unit, Ms Ekelund will advise government on urban design and development at a time when there is more pressure than ever before on our cities from challenges such as climate change, ageing infrastructure and population growth.


Lab report examines new ideas for parks, public landscapes – ASU News

Flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, you become powerfully aware of a suburban landscape dominated by housing subdivisions, by single-family houses with large yards and private pools. You will also see, interspersed throughout the vast expanse of residential tracts, a scattering of public parks and preserves. But what role do these public landscapes play in a city with so many private landscapes, with such abundant opportunities for personalized leisure?

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Light-rail stations reflect neighborhoods – azcentral.com

Each of Metro light rail’s 28 starter line stations has a unique design, with special efforts taken to reflect the neighborhoods where stations are located.

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China sets library standards for booming urban communities – Xinhua

“China’s Ministry of Culture on Tuesday set building standards of public libraries to ensure that they can meet the demands of the country’s booming urban population.

Population size would be the major reference for the size of new libraries from Nov. 1, the ministry said in a circular.”

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African urban areas have failed in this ‘Century of the City’ – DAILY NATION

THE 100 YEARS BETWEEN 1950 and 2050 have been dubbed as the “Century of the City”, and according to Mrs Anna Tibaijuka, executive director of UN-Habitat, “will be remembered for the greatest social, cultural, economic and environmental transformation in history – the urbanisation of humanity”.

Africa, the world’s most rapidly urbanising continent, will be half-urban by 2050, and its urban population of 1.2 billion will represent nearly a quarter of the world’s. But how will African cities be faring?

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