Ballfields and wetlands: Magnuson Park’s makeover nears completion – Seattle Times Newspaper

Seattle Times Newspaper reports

“Three emerald-green, all-weather ballfields will open at Seattle’s Magnuson Park on April 25, ……..and Seattle’s Parks and Recreation Department and a team of landscape architects have engineered and built 30 acres of wetlands and passive areas as mitigation for the athletic fields.”

[SOURCE: Seattle Times Newspaper - Ballfields and wetlands: Magnuson Park's makeover nears completion]

Miami Beach opens its new South Pointe Park – Miami Travel Examiner

Miami Travel Examiner reports

“The Miami Beach Parks & Recreation Department paid $22.4 million to redesign and rebuild South Pointe Park, which reopened on March 22, 2009, after two years of construction.”

Hargreaves Associates landscape architects were part of the team for the redesign.

SOURCE:Miami Travel Examiner – Miami Beach opens its new South Pointe Park

New Virginia Rules Target Cul-de-Sacs –

New Virginia Rules Target Cul-de-Sacs –

Virginia is taking aim at one of the most enduring symbols of suburbia: the cul-de-sac.

Read the SOURCE: washingtonpost.comNew Virginia Rules Target Cul-de-Sacs for more information on why Virginia is taking aim at cul-de-sacs

Urban areas offer hidden biodiversity – reports

“Kristina Hill, associate professor and director of the Program in Landscape Architecture at the University of Virginia, said considering biodiversity in urban design is particularly important as human density in coastal areas continues to increase……..”

Read more of the article @ the SOURCE: – Urban areas offer hidden biodiversit

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How ethnic groups change Oakland neighborhoods – reports

“When Robert Lemon, a UC Berkeley landscape architecture grad student, was a community planner in Columbus, Ohio, he noticed that despite the car-oriented landscape, residents of the city’s Latino community, for the most part, liked to get around on foot and bicycle….”

Read the full article @ the [SOURCE: "How ethnic groups change Oakland neighborhoods"]

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