Shrinking public spaces in cities

May 12, 2008,AEST

MANY INDIAN cities do not have public spaces worth their names. Most of the open grounds in urban areas have been converted into stadiums, corporate blocks etc. Space should be such where citizens can gather for conviviality without being bothered | Read More

USA job market remains optimistic for many graduates

May 12, 2008,AEST

For Oklahoma State University landscape architecture graduate Jessica Waugh, the job search was more of a job sort. Before Waugh even walked across the commencement stage May 3, she’d had four employment offers, including two from out-of-state companies. She picked | Read More

Urban checkpoint –

May 12, 2008,AEST

“Contact with the natural environment can be an antidote to some of the unhealthy aspects of an urban environment.” This statement came out of a seminar on mental health organised by the Richmond Foundation. Marking its 15th anniversary, while taking | Read More

Going ‘green’ in landscaping

May 10, 2008,AEST

How “green” (eco-friendly) is your lawn? A truly healthy landscape is not measured by a weed-free, well-manicured lawn but by what lies beneath the surface (the condition of the soil) and the environment above the ground. Many people use chemicals | Read More

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