New Zealand rejects wind farm

A $1.4 billion 630-megawatt wind farm has been rejected by the Environment Court of New Zealand on the grounds that it would ruin the surrounding landscape.

Read the court’s decision(in pdfs) at Environment Court of New Zealand

SOURCE: – New Zealand rejects plan for wind farm

By 2018 China Will Pass U.S. As Preeminent Construction Market

A report was recently released by Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics titled Global Construction 2020 which gives a global forecast for the construction industry until 2020.

Include in the report summary are some interesting insights into the coming decade of construction.

Currently the global construction market is worth 7.5 trillion dollars (at 2008 prices) and will grow by 69.3% to 12.7 trillion by 2020(at 2008 prices).

The report states that the US, UK, Canada & Australia will rebound quicker than other developed countries. However, developing countries such as India & China will have quicker growth in the next decade than developed countries and that the China construction market is forecasted to exceed the USA by 2018.

Output in India will be accelerate quicker than China and that emerging markets construction output will be exceed 3 times that of developing countries over the next decade.

read more  about the report at the SOURCE: Global Construction 2020
found via ENR: Engineering News Record

StossLU installs Stockpile in Cambridge

STOSS LU - Stock-Pile - Image: Jared May SOURCE: Harvard GSD

STOSS LU - Stock-Pile - Image: Jared May SOURCE: Harvard GSD

Recently, Stoss Landscape Urbanism—firm of Chris Reed, Design Critic in Landscape Architecture, installed Stock-Pile in Radcliffe Yard, Cambridge, MA.

Harvard GSD reports

The project was commissioned by Barbara J. Grosz, Dean of the Radcliffe Institute and Higgins Professor of Natural Sciences at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, as part of the Tenth Anniversary Celebration of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, October 2009. The design and installation of Stock-Pile was completed in 7 days.

read and see more at the [SOURCE: Harvard GSD]

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Lecture – Harvard GSD – NIALL G. KIRKWOOD


Niall G. Kirkwood is Professor of Landscape Architecture and Technology at the Harvard Design School.

November 18 – 6:30pm – 7:30pm ·   Piper Auditorium, Harvard University

EDAW is now fully merged into AECOM

Today, World Landscape Architect tried to access and some of EDAW’s country domain sites (.cn, .hk, .au, etc) but was redirected to So it now it seems that EDAW has fully merged completely into AECOM.

We found the new site shows a re-branded AECOM and merges many of the firms identities that where once known separately in various countries are now one brand with new look logo and a single website.

Some will be sad to see the names of EDAW, Cansult Maunsell, Faber Maunsell, Basset, ENSR, Earth Tech, TCB, PADCO, CTE, Metcaf & Eddy, UMA, DMJM and many other firms merge into one name, but others will see it as a fresh to be apart of the one company with 43,000 people. It just shows that the world of professional services is now truly global with services interchanged between firms and offices who once vied for the same work now merged into one company. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the industry and whether other companies will merge together to form another multi-discipline worldwide firm or a large built environment services company.

DISCLOSURE: Author & Editor Damian Holmes worked for UMA in Calgary when UMA & AECOM were merging.
This post was not sourced from AECOM or from any pre-merger AECOM company.
Any and All company names listed are copyright and trademark of AECOM.

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