Waterfront plan: A magnet and, hopefully, model

December 24, 2007,AEST

Relax, Toronto, all is not lost; the wheels of change grind no slower here than in any other city. So says Dutch landscape architect Adriaan Geuze, whose firm, West 8, is now redesigning the central waterfront in partnership with Toronto’s | Read More

People spending to much time indoors

December 22, 2007,AEST

There’s a good reason for wanting to instill the urge to explore nature early on. In the January 2008 issue of the journal Environment and Behavior, landscape architects in Scotland suggest that regular childhood visits to the woods or similarly | Read More

The Biggest Mies Collection

December 22, 2007,AEST

On the edge of downtown Detroit, just east of the Chrysler Freeway and not far from Detroit’s still-troubled neighborhoods, lies Lafayette Park, one of the nation’s most beautiful — and most obscure — residential developments. Composed of three sections — | Read More

AILA – Summer Newsletter

December 22, 2007,AEST

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects release Summer issue of LA Online. Download the pdf here

Pier park is really out there – NJ.com

December 22, 2007,AEST

The city celebrated the start of construction of its Pier C Park yesterday with a symbolic groundbreaking near the Hudson River’s edge. The kidney-shaped, 2-acre park is anchored to land by a narrow pier on one end and a meandering | Read More

Get soul into the city, landscape chief urges

December 20, 2007,AEST

Perth’s vast potential is being strangled by over-reliance on cars and poor use of public space resulting in bland, soulless suburbs, according to Australian Institute of Landscape Architects new WA president Greg Grabasch. Mr Grabasch said Perth, with its abundance | Read More

EFLA – Winter Newsletter No.18 Available

December 19, 2007,AEST

The year is coming to an end. 2007 EFLA General Assembly took place at the end of October in Brussels – it certainly was one of the largest ever. EFLA ExCo decided to have the Seminar and General Assembly at | Read More

DEFRA consultation – Landscape Institute

December 19, 2007,AEST

DEFRA is currently in consultation on the review of schedule 9 to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and a ban on the sale of certain non-native species. Pages 12 to 23 and 27 to 31 are perhaps of most | Read More

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