A Landscape in Winter, Dying Heroically

February 1, 2008,AEST

ON a cold January afternoon in this tiny village near the German border, the garden designer Piet Oudolf put on a heavy coat and led the way out of the 1850s farmhouse he shares with his wife, Anja, and into | Read More

India polarised over water privatisation

January 31, 2008,AEST

Across India, there is a rising tide of water privatisation projects made possible in recent years by a radical departure in the way national policy views water. Water is no longer just a public service to be delivered by governments | Read More

Iran News – Iran joins IFLA

January 31, 2008,AEST

Iranian Association of Greenery Engineers has joined the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), Iran Daily reported. A team of experts headed by IFLA president, Diane Menzies visited Iran on January 25 to become familiar with landscape design in the | Read More

WWII-era bomber donated to Great Park

January 31, 2008,AEST

In years past, building a central park was about creating an escape from urban life with little nod to what it was replacing. But the designers (Ken Smith Landscape Architects) of the Orange County Great Park, which is being built | Read More

265m Funding To Build New Palace

January 30, 2008,AEST

FUNDING is in place to see a new Crystal Palace built as part of plans to overhaul a historic park. A leading Scottish Bank, believed to be Clydesdale Bank, has given its support to the scheme in Crystal Palace Park. | Read More

More green, less glitz will improve city life

January 30, 2008,AEST

We need more green, not glitz in the city. We need the soothing green, the trees and shade, the parks where we can amble for a bit of respite from the concrete jungle. Lack of natural landscape for public recreation | Read More

RIBA and CABE launch new award

January 29, 2008,AEST

RIBA and CABE have launched the RIBA CABE Public Space Award. Any well designed and innovative public space is eligible. These external spaces need to be publicly accessible but can be urban or rural; publicly or privately owned; designed, redesigned | Read More

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