Birlingham wetland to double in size

Planners have agreed to a proposal to double the size of the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust wetland to 34 hectares. The wetland in Birlingham is set to increase biodiversity and increase water flora and fauna. The water will be supplied by a wind pump the river Avon into the wetland of four ponds. The land to be used for the wetland is currently a meadowland that was flooded regularly and attempted cultivation for farming has failed.

SOURCE: Eversham Journal

Parkway planned for Memphis Airport

Ritchie Smith Associates have proposed turning the 2-mile stretch of barren road from Memphis International Airport (the home of Fedex) into a Parkway at a cost of $1 to $2 million dollars. The plan includes planting 2,500 trees, new lighting, signage and some public art. As apart of the masterplan a 180 scupltural lights have been proposed along the Parkway. The plan is to be reviewed by council in mid September.

SOURCE: Memphis Flyer – Seed the Plough

U Va. students to map green spaces

A group of students from the University of Virginia School of Architecture will be mapping green spaces in Strauton to decide how to manage and restore the spaces. The class dubbed Greens Lands is sponsored by the Urban and Community Forestry Program of the USDA Forest Service and the Virginia Department of Forestry. The students will use GIS as there main tool for mapping and assessment.

SOURCE: – Staunton, U.Va. students team up to map city green spaces

NASA launches ‘Sustainability Base’

Yesterday, NASA’s Ames Research Center held a ground breaking ceremony for its new ‘Sustainability Base’ – a high performance Platinum LEED Rated building in Moffett Field California. The building will feature near zero net energy consumption, use 90 percent less potable water than conventionally built buildings of equivalent size and reduce building maintenance costs.

To help achieve the building’s sustainability objectives, the company will install approximately 72 geothermal wells featuring ground-source heat pumps, and will provide parking and landscaping with California-native plants.

The $20.6 million building  is designed by AECOM and William McDonough + Partners and Landscape Architects – Siteworks.

You can also watch a video about NASA’s Sustainability Base


Israel to build 50,000 seat amphitheatre on garbage mountain

Designs for a 50,000 seat amphitheatre are planned for Ariel Sharon Park previously Israel’s largest garbage dump. The design for the 2,000 acre park will be completed by the end of this week. The design includes a 20-acre lake that will recycle water from the site, sculpting of the park so that it can serve as a flood plain during winter flooding, a large car parking lot, and a railway station. The designs are being drawn up by Latz + Partner, along with Israeli landscape architect firms Broida-Maoz and Moria Sekely. The design approval process will take up to 3 years. The park is planned to staged over a 20 to 40 year period.
SOURCE: – Noam Dvir

Governors Island – Useless Beauty – The New Yorker

Wondering what’s happening to Governors Island after the International Design competition was won by the design group led by WEST 8. Well, the August 31, 2009 edition of the New Yorker (subscription only) on p. 56 has an article titled Useless Beauty’ by local correspondent Nick Paumgarten, who discusses plans for a park on the island designed by the Dutch architecture firm West 8. A section of the abstract(shown below) gives a hint of the discussion that takes place with Adriaan Geuze.

Writer discusses the proposed park area with Adriaan Geuze of West 8. Briefly compares the Governors Island to the development of the High Line. A risk of a project like the High Line or Governors Island is that the place may pass from one kind of elitism, in which virtually nobody is allowed, to another, in which ambitious restoration introduces esoteric or refined tasted and uses. (SOURCE:THE  NEW YORKER)

Sounds like an interesting read for those lucky enough to have a subscription or able to buy a copy.

Another incentive to buy a copy is the article by Ian Frazier Ian Frazier, Parks Dept., “Treepocalypse,” The New Yorker, August 31, 2009, p. 26 which looks at the about trees in Central Park destroyed by a recent severe thunderstorm.

The New Yorker has also posted a video – Tour of Governors Island.

In this video, Paumgarten tours the island with Leslie Koch, the president of the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation, who explains how this former military base is being converted into parks and other public spaces. (SOURCE: THE NEW YORKER)

SOURCE: The New Yorker

2009 CSLA Awards of Excellence Announced

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects is pleased to announce the results of the 2009 CSLA Professional Awards Program.

The annual awards program hosted by the University of Manitoba Department of Landscape Architecture recognizes excellence in Landscape Architecture in categories of Design, Planning & Analysis, Research, Communications, Landscape Management, New Directions, and Residential Design.

This year out of 56 entries, there were 13 National Honour Awards

National Honour Awards

Project Name: La Promenade Samuel-De Champlain
Organization: La consortium Daoust Lestage inc. – Williams Asselin Ackaoui- Option Amenagement
Client: Commission de la capitale nationale du Quebec
Location: Quebec City, Quebec
Category: Design



Project Name: Outremont Campus – Universite de Montreal

Organization: Groupe Cardinal Hardy
Client: Universite de Montreal
Location: Outremont’s railroad yard, Montreal
Category: Planning and Analysis


outremont-campus outremont campus outremont - campus

Project Name: Lake Ontario Park Master Plan

Organization: Field Operations
Client: Waterfront Toronto
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Category: Planning and Analysis



Project Name: Point Pleasant Park Comprehensive Plan

Organization: Ekistics Planning and Design, NIPpaysage and HRM
Client: Halifax Regional Municipality
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Category: Planning and Analysis


point pleasant point  pleasant point  pleasant

National Merit Awards (6)

Project Name: Lakeview: Community Education and Landscape Politics
Organization: Centre for Landscape Research, University of Toronto
Client: None-community service work – pro bono
Location: Lakeview, Mississauga, Ontario
Category: New Directions

Project Name: Ground: Landscape Architect Quarterly
Organization: Ontario Association of Landscape Architects
Client: Ontario Association of Landscape Architects
Location: n/a
Category: Communications

Project Name: Green Infrastructure in Calgary’s Mobility Corridors
Organization: Design Centre for Sustainability, University of British Columbia
Client: City of Calgary
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Category: Research

Project Name: Southeast False Creek Waterfront – Phase 1
Organization: PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Ltd.
Client: SEFC Project Office – City of Vancouver
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Category: Design

Project Name: Garden City Play Environment
Organization: space2place design inc.
Client: City of Richmond
Location: Richmond, British Columbia
Category: Design

Project Name: Spadina Wavedeck
Organization: West 8 + DTAH (du Toit Allsopp Hillier)
Client: Waterfront Toronto
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Category: Design

National Citation Awards (3)

Project Name: Port to Port Corridor Study
Organization: CBCL Limited
Client: Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
Category: Planning and Analysis

Project Name: Urban Corridor Planning/City of Houston
Organization: The Planning Partnership Limited
Client: City of Houston/Main Street Coalition
Location: Houston, Texas
Category: Planning and Analysis

Project Name: Square des Freres-Charon
Organization: Ville De Montreal – Direction des grands parcs et de lat nature en ville
Client: Ville de Montreal
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Category: New Directions

Regional Awards


IMAGE Copyright and Credit to La consortium Daoust Lestage inc. – Williams Asselin Ackaoui- Option Amenagement, Groupe Cardinal Hardy, Field Operations, Ekistics Planning and Design, NIPpaysage and HRM as noted

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