Master plan unveiled for NC State Fairgrounds ::

February 6, 2009,AEDT reports “North Carolina’s State Fairgrounds is getting a $121 million makeover. Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler unveiled a master plan on Wednesday for 48 projects scheduled to be completed over the next 20 to 30 years. Proposed projects include new | Read More

Landscape Will Redefine New Area in Shenzhen – Architectural Record

February 4, 2009,AEDT

Anya Kaplan-Seem on Architectural Record reports “For the large-scale redevelopment of Longgang Centre and Longcheng Square in Shenzhen, the United-Kingdom-based design collective Groundlab is turning the typical planning process upside-down.” SOURCE: Architectural Record – Landscape Will Redefine New Area in | Read More

Schwarzenegger’s restructuring proposals –

February 4, 2009,AEDT

SFgate reports (via AP) “Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently released 18 proposals to streamline government, a scaled-back version of his 2004 California Performance Review. His office projects the total cost savings at $126 million in the first year. One of his | Read More

IFLA News Edition No. 80

February 2, 2009,AEDT

Latest edition of IFLA News including past events of IFLA, ICOMOS, IFRA Download the PDF of IFLA News No.80

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