Pruning and planting at Leidsche Rijn Park – West 8

March 10, 2009,AEDT

West 8 reports “To preserve the wonderful ancient alder thickets at the Leidsche Rijn Park, cutting back the trees is a heavy, but grateful chore. Together with the 100.000 new trees that are being planted at the moment, the existing planting will transform the newest part of Leidsche Rijn Park, | Read More

DSDHA wins Waterloo square competition – Building Design

March 9, 2009,AEDT

Building Design reports “DSDHA has won the competition to design a major new square on London’s South Bank. The Waterloo City Square Scheme will see the roundabout circling the Waterloo Imax theatre and the streets around Waterloo Station given a badly-needed revamp, concentrating on rationalising the dark labyrinth of streets | Read More

Recession hits Mipim attendance – Building Design

March 5, 2009,AEDT

Building Design reports The number of delegates heading to Mipim this year has plummeted by more than a third as architects, public bodies, agents and developers slash their representation at the world’s largest property fair. [SOURCE: Building Design – Recession hits Mipim attendance]

Plant diseases threaten woodland – BBC NEWS

March 4, 2009,AEDT

BBC NEWS | UK reports “Some of the finest gardens and woodlands in Britain are under threat from two closely related and aggressive fungus-like plant diseases.” (Phytophthora kernoviae and Phytophthora ramorum.) “The government has allocated £25m in a bid to eradicate the diseases which are spreading across the country.” [SOURCE: | Read More

America’s Worst Intersections –

March 4, 2009,AEDT reports Which bottlenecks in 100 USA cities will slow you down the most. – America’s Worst Intersections World Landscape Architect Editor: The cost and pollution that these bottlenecks cause must surely outweigh the cost of rectifying or at least imporving these bottlenecks

West 8’s Twist Bridge gets coverage from

March 3, 2009,AEDT reported on West 8’s new bridge “Even though landscape design experts West8 might be known for their innovative larger scale public spaces and urban planning work, bridge design has also been on their agenda for a long time now; the firm has already designed over 100 bridges in their | Read More

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