Israel Road No.6 2004-2010 by Asnat Austerlitz [Video]

Asnat Austerlitz recently posted a video titled “Landscape Architecture”

Landscape Architecture from Asnat Austerlitz on Vimeo.

Landscape Architecture is a video that observe a short section on road no’ 6 in Israel. In this part of the road the separation wall is touching the highway. I filmed this part of the road a short time after it was open in 2004 and revisit it in 2010 when the planted trees covered it up. This video investigates the use of landscape architecture to hide, cover and blind our conscious.

Asnat Austerlitz 2010

Landscape Architects – Welcome to 2011 – its time to lead the discussion

Welcome to 2011. All landscape architects this year need to start leading the discussions. We have lagged for too long on the sidelines being creative and idealistic watching other professions take the lead on numerous areas of design – sustainable design, urban design, water, low-carbon cities, eco-cities, food security, green architecture (vertical & horizontal) and many others. You name it if its your passion its time to start leading the discussion offline and offline whether its conferences, websites, newspapers, blogs, facebook, or twitter. Stop waiting for governments and your professional organisations to do start the conversation; they don’t have the time or people to talk about the issues we deal with on a daily basis and the solutions needed.

Landscape Architects have the skills, experience and ideas to push landscape architecture and design to new frontiers and into public awareness. So please start a blog, email newsletter, facebook group, twitter account. Don’t have time for this? well you can start by commenting on other blogs or facebook groups, or email a collegue in another design field telling them what you’ve been doing. Most importantly get involved and start the discussion about the ideas and solutions you’ve been creating in your school, office, firm, studio. The world’s waiting to hear from you.



WILLIAMS: ‘Cities for People’ – design guide but not for urban regeneration

Tim Williams recently posted Gehl warning : urban design can contribute to urban regeneration but is not in itself sufficient.  A review of Cities for People and how its a great design guide but its not an urban regeneration. Williams speaks about the role of CABE, the Urban Task Force and the 2007 commission into design he chaired for the Housing Corporation. Williams is direct and to the point in his post and gives some interesting view on urban regeneration.

Tim Williams is Regeneration & Renewal columnist Tim Williams is a managing director of Navigant Consulting and a former government adviser. [SOURCE: Tim Williams Blog]

New York High Line: An Urban Model, Or Not? – CUNY Graduate Center [VIDEO]

Robert Hammond, Malcolm Gladwell, Jerilyn Perine and John Mollenkopf discuss the Highline, the impact on New York and the wider flow on effect in broader terms. A great discussion that also looks at other examples around New York, USA and the world that have had a similar effect.  the video is worth the full 1 hour 26 mins to listen to people from varying backgrounds discuss the Highline one of the most talked about landscape architecture and urban design projects in the world. Although not one mention of the landscape architects or architects. But as Malcolm Gladwell talks about its the business we’ve chosen to be in business.

Video spotted at the new home of the Highline Blog –

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